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Ryan Leys | Developer

A quick highlight reel :

// Web Development //

igus On Tour: Microsite for a traveling trade show, built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.

igus Toolbox: A resource library built with the Uberflip platform, customized with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ravenous: Built using ReactJS as part of Codecademy's Build Front End Web Applications course

Website / App Development

Web development has been a passion of mine since my early teens, and being a primarily self-taught programmer has given me the skills to take on projects outside of my comfort zone. I'm now pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science at Northeastern University, but my roots will always be firmly planted in self-motivation and discovery.

igus On Tour
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, HubSpot, Google Tag Manager
igus Engineer's Toolbox
Uberflip, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HubSpot
NUSC Website (Old Version)
A mobile-responsive microsite built for igus inc to advertise their traveling trade show. Forms are integrated with HubSpot so leads instantly sent to the organizations CRM Based off the uberflip platform. Additional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was added to the site to match the company's brand identity and improve user experience A website I built with my college roommate for our swim team. A lot of what I know of web development I learned making this project. This site is retired and the code hasn't been updated since 2015
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Ravenous: Yelp Clone
Is It Colder Than My Fridge Outside
A single page site built using ReactJS as part of Codecademy's Build Front End Web Apps Course. Pulls data from Yelp's API and populates a list of restaurants matching the user's search. I had always wanted to code an iphone app, and one summer I had the idea of an app that you could check and it would tell you if it was colder or warmer than your fridge outside. I spent a week learning Swift and was able to build a working prototype, but it's not currently available for download

Interactive images

Much of my interest in web development stems from a passion for art and design. By combining these skills I've developed many interactive images and animations using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Below are a select few.

Offshore / Drilling Infographic
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
David Bowie & Michael Jackson Infographic
P5.JS, JavaScript
Created for a page on, this interactive infographic shows where igus parts are used on an offshore or land oil drilling rig An interactive infographic created using JavaScript and data pulled from Google that shows the search volumes for David Bowie compared to Michael Jackson at the time of their deaths.
Swinging Articles
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
This image is created entirely in HTML and CSS aside from the images on each swinging item. This was designed for the careers site of a manufacturing company. In includes three articles "swinging" in, and allows the user to interact with them

Other Media

While I primarily focus on website development, my degree in communications exposed me to a lot of different media which has helped me generate content for websites, or advertise products for companies I work with. Below is a small selection of some of my favorite projects.

Roommate Wanted
Adobe Premiere and After Effects
Trade show Banners
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Van Wrap
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
A video I filmed and edited with a friend for Campus Movie Festival at Northeastern. The project was limited to a one week production schedule, and was chosen as a finalist. Designed 20+ large format trade show banners that were printed and used at trade shows across the world. Was given the challenge of designing a car wrap for a van that would be travelling the country advertising our organization. While unlike anything else I've designed, through research and careful preparation I was able to successfully create the design and work with a vendor to get it applied.